Accessories Control Boxes Spare Parts Wire Ropes & Cables


                    Previous Next There are a number of accessories that are associated with certain equipment that we also supply for our customers based on requirements and demands. Some are: Monorail Trolleys, manual and electric are very common. Castor Wheels and buffer Wheels. Counter Weights of all […]

Spare Parts

Previous Next Every spare part of cradles and BMUs are maintained in stock at Orientals to ensure the availability of the part when required. All parts are tagged and labeled and stored in accordance with proper stock keeping. Other spare parts are dependent of international suppliers stocks, such as hydraulic pipes and hoses, gear motors. […]

Control Boxes

Previous Next The control boxes of equipment is important to ensure the proper use of the machine and the correct power it is given and distributed. OSLER designs and assembles the control boxes in accordance with international standard and with IP65 rating always. Components of the control box are all from the highest quality brands […]

Wire Ropes & Cables

Previous Next Steel Wire Ropes and Electrical Cables are one of the most important components in BMUs and Cradles. OSLER has always sufficient stock of steel wire ropes and electrical cables for the use of temporary cradles and for BMUs. The quality of the ropes and cables are to the international standard and satisfies the […]