Product Details

SPT299 Mini Crane
Working radius8.83m×0.15t
Ground lifting height9.50m×0.70t
Underground lifting height10m-4 fall 20m-2 fall 40m-1 fall
Weight(Without optional equipment)2550kg
Standard configuration

Diesel engine, Electric motor, Radio remote control, Searcher hook, Black rubber track,

Intelligent display screen, Moment limiter, Over hoist alarm and automatic stop device,

Three-winding alarm and automatic stop device, Automatic hook stow, Outrigger position detector device, Outrigger off the ground alarm and automatic stop device, Slinging rope detachment protector, EMO switch, Three color lamp, Remote control lamp, Voice prompt, Walking/Outrigger/Boom three-mode interlock system, Data records

Optional configurationGlass suction, White rubber track, Manual fly jib, Hydraulic fly jib, Single-man basket, Outrigger pads