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Corner Cradles

An innovative cradle which has 90 degree corner.

The Corner Platform always provides the angle which a customer requires.


  • Innovative design by OSLER for a 90 degree corner requirement.
  • An Aluminum corner piece is designed to join any module of OSLER platforms at the corner.
  • It works as a corner module for the OSLER platform modules.
  • It works only with the use of C-type Stirrups and end-type stirrups.
  • Adjustable angle corners are also available upon request.


  1. Adjustable Corner Platform, this can be in a form of 36°, 45°, 60°, 66°, 77° and 90°.
  2. Fixed Corner Platform, available only for 90° only

Note: All OSLER cradles can be used as corner cradles or platforms.

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