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Elevator Cradles

The OSLER Elevator Cradle is specially designed for the installation and maintenance of elevator shafts.

The OSLER Elevator Cradle is ideal for installation and maintenance of elevator shafts. It’s particularly designed to lift and transport materials in building constructions such as office and sky scraper buildings, apartments, hotels or motels, service elevators, hospital passengers, lifting passengers and a many more.


  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Capable of carrying 3 persons
  • Structure Steel
  • Other platform sizes may be supplied according to the requirements of a specific job.
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Technical Specifications
Construction Materials


Working Area Minimum (m2)



1.5 KW Electric motor, 2 units

Total Working Person



Cable Type

Suspended Wire Rope

8.3 mm diameter/4 numbers

Support for Suspension

I-Beam Bracket


Hot Dip Galvanized

Assembly Installation

Bolted Type

Block Stop

2 units

Motor Output (Kw)


Rated Current ( A)


Climbing Speed (m/min)


Power (V)

380 / 3 phase

Frequency (Hz)


Safety Features:

  • Top limit switches
  • Emergency manual descent in power failure
  • Emergency stop
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • 500 Kg. safe working load
  • Wall buffers
  • Castor wheels for transportation
  • Toe Guard
  • Entrance door
  • Equipped with Anti-tilt and Anti-fall safety brake devices
  • Top hood for protection against falling objects


Elevator Type:

  • Installation Elevator Shaft (Open Type)
  • Lifting Passenger (Closed Type)

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