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Osler 8

It offers competitive performance in sky scraper towers and even in rough site circumstances.

The OSLER 8 cradle is our latest cradle innovation. It offers high competence performance in sky scraper towers and even in rough site circumstances with high working height, but gaining safe working load. Has the fastest climbing speed, having OSLER 8 winches while attaining low electricity consumption. Proven high quality tested for durability, efficiency and safety.


  • Anti slipping aluminum base section
  • Modular from 1m to 9m (1m, 2m and 3m sections)
  • Assembly with quick pin type
  • Cradle is provided with soft non-marking façade rollers, to protect façade from any damages during operation.
  • Castor wheels for transportation
  • Cradle is equipped with anti-tilt device safety brake.

Optional: can be fixed on 90 degrees corner platform, and adjustable corner ranging from 27 to 90 degrees.

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Newly developed Hoist Motor. Acquiring low electricity consumption, light weight and compact design. Has quick braking action and constant braking time.

The new developed OSLER 8 Hoist Motor having 800 Kg load capacities.

The OSLER 8 Hoist Motor is supplied with ”3-phase AC (Alternating Current) electromagnetic brake” and designed for very heavy duty cycles, quick braking action and constant braking time. The motors are closed and externally ventilated made up of die-cast pressed Aluminum frame. OSLER 8 Hoist Motor is faster with 9.5m/min climbing speed and low electricity consumption.


  • Fast, light weight and compact design
  • Quick and constant braking action
  • Very heavy duty cycles
  • Constant braking time
  • Unlimited working height
  • Reliable
  • Easy access to Electrical and Mechanical components
  • Manual descent in case of power cut-off
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • 8.3m wire rope diameter
  • Complies with BS/EN – 1808 standards

Technical Specifications (MGM)


50 Hz

60 Hz

Motor Output (KW)



Power Δ/Y (VAC)230/400277/480
Rated Current Δ/Y



Motor Rotation Speed (rpm)



Braking Torque (Nm)



Protection Level






Unit Weight (Kg)5050

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