Product Details

Mono & Dual Rails

OSLER Monorail & Dual Rail Systems are highly modular and can installed on buildings or in construction sites, in addition to the ability to dismantle it and transporting or storing it in confined space.

The system is easy to install on any building using special brackets as needed, afterwards a suspended cradle or Material Lifting Equipment are can be mounted on the rail providing complete access for workers and façade cleaners allowing them to perform their work easily, efficiently and most importantly, Safely!

OSLER Monorail & Dual Rail Systems consist of  Aluminium tracks complete with either single or double suspension trolleys.

Horizontal Face Mounted Monorail

The Horizontal Face Mounted Monorail is very flexible that can be utilized in any application where it is basically fixed at the top of the facades.

OSLER offers aesthetically satisfying solutions to match to any building architecture.

Climbing Monorail

OSLER Climbing Monorail System can be fixed at any angle of incline.

The Trolley can operate on a slope and can be fixed at an incline of any angle, easily overcoming horizontal twists and curves and matching even the most demanding architecture.

Featured product applications