King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital (KASCH)

King Abdulla Speciality Children Hospital in Riyadh, KSA.

There are 3 systems installed in this project:

  1. Dual Rail, 16m fixed jib roof car machine with pantograph cradle. The machine has the following features: Full slewing, Hydraulic Luffing, Slewing Spreader Bar. There are 3 units on different roofs.
  2. Guide Rail Machine with 3m boom and powered cradle.
  3. Davit brackets and Arms with 6m BMU powered cradles. The davits are made of aluminium for ease of movement. There are 7 sets of aluminium davits for different roofs.

Quick facts

OSLER products used in this project

  • Dual Rail Fixed Jib Roof cars machine with pantograph cradle.
  • Guide Rail Machine with Boom and Powered Cradle
  • Davit brackets and BMU Power Cradles